Amerie Impact Volunteeres

You already know that all purchases made at Amerie and give back in some way, whether it is through a fair trade brand, through an eco-friendly brand, through a cause-supporting brand, or by us giving locally through your purchase. 

But, did you know...

Just  as important as monetary donations, non-profit organizations are in desperate need of awareness and VOLUNTEERS!​ Whether you can donate your time once or regularly, you are needed! Amerie wants to help connect you with a local organization that fits your interests. Join our volunteer team! 

It's easy! 

1. Fill out a quick volunteer interest form telling us more about your interests & availability

2. We will contact you with some potential organizations that currently need volunteers and match your interests.

We hope to add to our impact goals by generating volunteers for local organizations, and we are so thankful for your time and interest! 

Amerie hopes to build a community of volunteers in efforts to better support our local organizations! We appreciate your time!